Angel Number 3333 Meaning

Have you been seeing the combination 3333 over and over again recently? Perhaps it has appeared on a license plate when you were driving. Maybe, you have seen it on an invoice or a receipt. It could have been a price tag of $33.33. You also may have seen 3333 in a dream. If you see it once, then it might not be anything more than a coincidence. If you see 3333 several times in a small timeframe, it is probably the 3333 Angel Number.

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel Numbers are sequences of numbers that you see over and over again in a short period of time. These are messages from your guardian angels.

There are those that think that this world is all that there is and that the only reality is the mundane one that we can see and touch. This is not the case, however. All around us is a subtle realm of spiritual beings. Many of these beings want to help us in our lives. The helpful beings are often called angels.

It can be hard for our angels to get in touch with us. We have many obligations and responsibilities. Our phones and computers inundate us with notifications and information. In order to get through to us, sometimes our angels send us messages in the form of Angel Numbers.

Usually, Angel Numbers come in sets of three of the same number, such as 222, 333, 777. These correspond to the meaning of the single digits in numerology. The Master Number 11, 22, and 33 also appear, but they come as quadruple digit combinations 1111, 2222, and 3333.

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The Significance of the Master Number 33

The Angel Number 3333 corresponds to the Master Number 33 in numerology. The number is being shown as a double set of 33 to emphasize the number so that you can not mistake it for something else.

The Master Number 33 is also called the Master Teacher.

The language of the Cosmos is numbers. They are interwoven into the fabric of existence. They have deep spiritual and metaphysical meaning. There were numbers before there were things to be numbered.

The Master Number 33 combines many different numerical meanings.

The simplest is an emphasis on the Number 3, which is the number of Divinity. Trinities are common in spiritual traditions, and of course, the Trinity is found in Christianity. 3 also abounds in magical teachings and traditions. Saying something three times is said to set your intention.

The Master Number 33 is also 3+3, or 6. 6 represents balance and harmony.

The Master Number 33 also combines the two previous Master Numbers 11, which is the number of intuition and creation, and the Master Number 22, which is known as the Master Builder.

As you might imagine, the Master Number 33 is quite powerful.  

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Why You May be Seeing 3333 – Meaning of 3333 Angel Number

If you are seeing 3333, this is a powerful message from your Angels. This is not one that is common to see. For example, you will not see it on your clock. So, if you are seeing 3333, your angels are shouting at you and sending you neon signs!

Due to the nature of the nature of the Master Number 33, the message probably has something to do with your faith or spirituality. It could also be calling you to embark on a course of study. This course of study will probably not be of a practical nature, but one that will open your mind and your heart to other possibilities.

For clues as to why you are seeing 3333, try to remember what you were thinking about when you saw it or what you have been pondering recently.

Below are some specific reasons that you may be seeing 3333.

1)   You have a spiritual calling and your angels want you to follow it

Each of us has a different path in life. Some are meant to follow a more mundane existence, focusing on making a living, supporting a family, or just living life until it is finished. There are others that are asked to take up a spiritual calling. This could be a call to service, to writing, or even to teaching. It can often take a while to accept or know what that calling is.

Often when we have a spiritual calling, we resist it. Generally, it is not something that will make a lot of money, and sometimes the practicalities of such a calling seem impossible.

Of course, if you think you have a calling, it is natural and normal to spend time in discernment as to whether it is true or not.

On the other hand, if are wondering if you have some sort of spiritual calling and you see the number 3333, your angels are shouting YES!

2)   You have had a true insight or inspiration

If you are a person who likes to learn about the spiritual world, as is likely are if you are reading this site, you may have thoughts and ideas from time to time. Yet, anyone with humility will sometimes wonder whether these thoughts and ideas are real or just fancies of our imagination. This is especially the case if these ideas are different than what you may have been taught.

If you have had a new idea and you start seeing 3333, it is a pretty good sign that your idea is a true insight and that you have indeed been inspired. It is ok to trust what you have received.

3)   It is time to start a course of study

Often people see education as a means to an end, particularly in the West. You go to school to learn a trade or a profession. More and more, the emphasis is on practical skills.

Education was not always seen that way, however. In Ancient, Classical, and Medieval times, education was seen as an end unto itself. You would learn to become a better and more virtuous person. Education was a privilege. Indeed, education in the Liberal Arts was the province of a free person, who did not have to learn a trade or a profession.

Life is more than just money, and there is a deep spiritual path that can be taken through learning and study. This is known as the Path of Light.

If you are seeing the number 3333, it may be telling you to follow the Path of Light.

If this is the meaning, you may have always wanted to study for the sheer joy of learning, but you have feared that it was a waste of time or money. The Angel Number 3333 is telling you to go for it!

If you cannot afford formal study at a University, there are many opportunities for learning and self-study that are free or low-cost. While the Internet can be a distraction from our spirituality and our learning, it can also be a valuable tool.

Study what you are interested in or feeling drawn to. Don’t worry about what the practical applications may be.

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4)   Let go of your doubts

Most people, even the most spiritual of us, experience times of doubt, when we feel disconnected from the Divine. Even Mother Theresa experienced a dark night of the soul for decades.

Yet, the Divine, by whatever name you use, is always there and any barriers between us and the Divine come from us.

There are many pressures in our world to doubt the world of the Spirit. Modern scientists seem determined to strip the world of anything but the mechanical and the mundane! Yet, even by the rules of Modern Science, there is mystery and magic that cannot be explained away!

If you are going through a period of doubt or a “dark night of the soul,” and you see 3333, your angels are announcing their presence in a way that you cannot deny!

Let go of your doubts and your cynicism, and see the magic, mystery, and wonder that is all around us.

5)   Give of yourself

One of the meanings of the Master Number 33 is selfless service to humanity. It is said that this is the number of the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus and the Bodhisattvas. These are beings that have attained Perfection but have chosen to stay and help the rest of us instead.

While few of us are even close to that exalted status, it is good to let go of our ego and our selfish desires to understand and to serve others. This service can be large or small. That is not what matters. What does matter is what is within our hearts.

If you are seeing the number 3333, you might be being asked to give or to be of service to others.

It could be that the service you are being asked to do is large, like starting a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. It could be something seemingly small, such as rescuing a stray kitten or donating to a charity.

Chances are that you already know what it is that you are being asked to do. You may be debating something in your mind. If this is the case, and you are seeing the number 3333, you are being told in no uncertain terms to do whatever it is that your heart is tugging at you to do!

Our actions, good or bad, always come back to us. Any good that you do for another will eventually be a blessing to you!

6)   Take time to pray and to meditate

Many times, if you see the number 3333, the meaning is clear. You have been pondering or considering something related to your spirituality, and your angels are affirming that you should pursue the course that your Spirit wants to pursue.

If you are seeing the number 3333, and the meaning is not obvious, step back and make extra time to pray and meditate.

The Angel Number 3333 is a powerful message to you that is being shouted over a loudspeaker. The meaning is almost always spiritual rather than merely practical. If you do not know what it is about, it is a good idea to find out!

It could be that your angels have been trying to get your attention for a while, and you have been ignoring them. It is easy to do, but our angels are persistent. If they want to get through to us, they will keep trying until they finally do.

If your angels are making the effort to shout at you this way, they will tell you their message as soon as you stop and listen.

Even if you are busy…actually, especially if you are busy…stop and make some time to connect with your spirit. Pay attention to your dreams, and perhaps write them down.

When you do so, take careful notice of your thoughts and the images in your mind. They will be the clues you need to find out what your angels are trying to tell you.

7)   Your angels want you to know that they are therewith you

If you are seeing the number 3333, it may also be the case that your angels are not asking you to do a thing. Life is about more than just action.

The Angel Number 3333 may simply be the Divine, by whatever name you use for the Divine, simply saying, “I am here.”

Stop, be still, and let yourself experience this Presence. You do not need to do anything more than that.


The number 3333, when it appears over and over again in your life, is a powerful message. It is an Angel Number and a very important one. Stop! Take notice. Your angels are trying to tell you something. The Angel Number 3333 relates to the Master Number 33, the Master Teacher. In many cases, you will have a clear idea of what it is telling you, and it almost always relates to your spiritual life, rather than to practicalities. Whatever the specific meaning, it is telling you to listen to your Spirit!         

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