Numerology, Sacred Geometry, and the Meaning of the Number 10

Sacred Geometry is an ancient spiritual discipline. Although some of the earliest written records of this discipline came from the Ancient Greeks, the principles of Sacred Geometry can be seen in architecture throughout the Ancient world. Fundamental to Sacred Geometry is the belief that geometrical shapes have meaning. The meanings of geometrical shapes are embedded in the fabric of the Cosmos. The discipline of numerology is closely linked to Sacred Geometry.

While a true study of Sacred Geometry is well beyond the scope of this article, there is an interesting story that can be told using some basic concepts in Sacred Geometry, which can be found in the meaning for the Number 10. This is the story of Creation itself. Below is the story.

Number One

At the beginning of the story is the Number One. One is the beginning of everything. All of creation began with a single point. This was believed in Ancient times, and scientists today believe this as well, and the Big Bang Theory is the accepted hypothesis for how the Universe began.

Number Two

Next, the single-point split into Two. This is the beginning of polarity. There are polarities throughout manifestation. Some examples of these polarities are hot and cold, light and dark, day and night, and Yin and Yang. Without a polarity, it would be impossible to tell a story. A story requires a protagonist and an antagonist, someone or something that opposes the protagonist. With two points, a line becomes possible.

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Number Three

After Two, we have Three. Three is the beginning of true form. This is why Three is associated with the Divine. With One, there was not enough for anything to have any properties whatsoever. Everything was the same; everything was all together. We need the concept of polarity, which is contained in the Number Two, to separate the Divine from the not Divine. So, when you combine Creation with polarity, we now have room for the Divine. With three points, a triangle is possible, and a triangle is the simplest form of a plane, or two-dimensional figure.

Once we have a plane, we are able to draw a picture.

Number Four

The next number after Three is Four. Four is 3+1, but it is also 2+2. 2+2 is two polarities. We can see sets of two polarities throughout the material world. There are the Four Cardinal Directions, which are North and South and East and West. There are also Four Classical Elements, which can be divided into two sets of polarities. These two sets are Fire and Air and Earth and Water. There are even four building blocks to our DNA, which are also divided into two sets of pairs.

With four points it is possible to create a tetrahedron, which is the simplest three- dimensional figure.

Once we have Four, we have the building blocks with which to create things in the material world. With Four, the initial work of Creation is done.

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Number Ten

This brings us to the Number 10. If we add 1+2+3+4, we will get 10. For this reason, 10 represents completion. We have completed all the steps necessary by which to begin making things.

There is another meaning to 10 as well. If you add 1+0, which are the digits in the Number 10, you get One again. This also means that 10 is not only completion, but it also marks a new beginning.

In Tarot cards, as well as in ordinary playing cards, there are 10 numbered cards to every suit. Also, in the Major Arcana to the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, the cards with the Number 10 mark turning points. These cards are the Wheel of Fortune and The Star.

If you see 10 as part of an Angel Number, this also incorporates the meaning that something is finished and a new beginning is at hand.

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