Our Zodiac Signs are Not Compatible – What Do We Do?

There is a lot of information available about zodiac sign compatibility. For example, you may have read things like Scorpio is compatible with Cancer, but not with Gemini. While this is good information, what do you do if you are not compatible with the love of your life? What do you do if you are a Scorpio and you have a crush on a Gemini? This article will talk about what it means to be compatible, how compatibility is determined, and what do you do if you are not compatible.

You are more than your Sun Sign

If you read that you and your crush are not compatible, the first thing to know is that most popular astrology is based on your Sun Sign. This is where the Sun was at when you were born. The reason that it is usually based on your Sun Sign is that this is what most people know about themselves. It is easy to determine your Sun Sign. All you need to know is your birthday. For example, if you were born between around October 23 and November 21, you know you are a Scorpio.

Your full astrology chart contains much more than just your Sun Sign, so even if your Sun Signs are not compatible, the rest of your chart may be.

What does it mean to be compatible?

In the context of astrology, compatibility means that two signs understand each other and naturally act in a harmonious way. They like each other immediately, and they do not need to do much work to get along.

If signs are not compatible, that does not mean that they can not get along as well. It just takes a little more work. They do not naturally understand each other, and they may annoy each other.

Compatibility does not guarantee a good relationship, nor does incompatibility prevent one.

 Indeed, sometimes incompatible signs have very long-lasting relationships, precisely because of all of the work they had to do early on.

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How is Compatibility Determined in Astrology?

In Western astrology, compatibility is determined by principles found in numerology!

The zodiac is a circle, and there are several ways to divide the circle into equal parts. These divisions form what are known as Ptolemaic aspects. These aspects between signs are what make them get along or not.

The major relationships between signs are as follows:

  • Conjunction – based on the number 1. This is when people have the same sign. The relationship may or may not be harmonious based on the nature of the sign involved.
  • Opposition – based on the number 2. This is a relationship of conflict, but also of balance. Signs that are opposite each other make natural marriage partners.
  • Trine – based on the number 3. This is the most harmonious relationship of all.
  • Square – based on the number 4. This is a very tense relationship, and signs that are square tend to annoy each other.
  • Sextile – based on the number 6. These signs like each other and are friendly with each other.

If two signs do not have any of these connections with each other, they are said to be averse. There are some complicated exceptions to this rule, though, that are beyond the scope of this article. Aversion is the most difficult relationship of all because the two signs just do not get each other! They have nothing in common.

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What do you do if you are not compatible?

Generally, the signs that are considered incompatible are those that are either square or averse. Opposite signs also can have conflict, but they are usually treated as compatible in partnerships because they balance each other.

How you handle these incompatibilities is different depending on whether they are because of a square or an aversion.

Square Signs

The signs that are square are as follows:

  • Aries – Cancer
  • Aries – Capricorn
  • Taurus – Leo
  • Taurus – Aquarius
  • Gemini – Virgo
  • Gemini – Pisces
  • Cancer – Libra
  • Leo – Scorpio
  • Virgo – Sagittarius
  • Libra – Capricorn
  • Scorpio – Aquarius
  • Sagittarius – Pisces

These signs annoy each other, some more so than others. The way to manage these relationships is to pay attention to when you are getting upset by the other and take a step back. You do have things in common, but you both approach the world in a different way.

When you are mad at each other, count to 10, and remember the love that you have for each other. This love is far more important than your petty grievances.

On the positive note, the tension produced by squares often generates a strong physical attraction between the signs!


When signs are averse, they have nothing in common with each other. This is harder than the square because there is no basis for understanding or communication. The signs that are truly averse are below:

  • Aries – Taurus
  • Taurus – Gemini
  • Taurus – Sagittarius
  • Gemini – Scorpio
  • Cancer – Leo
  • Cancer – Aquarius
  • Leo – Virgo
  • Leo – Capricorn
  • Leo – Pisces
  • Virgo – Aquarius
  • Libra – Scorpio
  • Scorpio – Sagittarius
  • Aquarius – Pisces

For couples of these signs, it is important to take the time to get to know each other. You really do not speak the same language. For this reason, it is also crucial that you do not make assumptions about the motives or intentions of the other.

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The best metaphor for signs that are incompatible by aversion would be of two people of a different culture who do not know each other’s language very well. You are bound to make mistakes and offend each other from time to time. Just as you would do for someone who does not speak your language well, you need to make allowances for the other person.

Astrology is a good tool to get to know the other person, by the way. Read about the other’s sign. Talk to each other! Develop a sense of humor and learn to smile and laugh about your differences.

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